1Above – Veggie Heaven

Want a good start? Want a good conversation? Or want to cheer up your mood? Then look no further as 1Above would be the perfect destination to escape from the present, stressed life.

The deciding factor of anything to be a notch above or below is the people, place and food and the recently opened contemporary terrace lounge offers the same.


It’s one of the most happening contemporary terrace lounge launched recently, with an entrance that says it all.


No wonder the first impression is the last impression and that was quite evident at 1Above. The first thing that you notice when entering is the Bar. It’s stacked with everything one could ask for. What more? The bartenders would listen, understand your taste and then serve you more than what you have wished for!



The electrifying bar with commendable cocktails and mocktails will just set the mood right, I tasted a number of mocktails which were quite pleasant and tasty, while, my friends were happy and busy trying the various cocktails suggested by the bartenders.


Since we were invited before the official opening, there wasn’t a menu to pick your choice. So we started trusting the choice of our host.

We started with Sushi and Veg Pasta, its presentation was just great, the Sushi wasn’t moist, the kind I prefer and like.

Veg Sushi
Veg Pasta

The Veg Kheema Pao was the hero of the evening, from the plating to the taste, it was as tasty and appealing as the traditional Non-Veg Kheema Pao.

Veg Kheema Pao

We also tasted the Bruschetta, prepared in a variety of toppings like Tomato, Olives etc


My day was made, when they started serving Sheehas, They serve some amazing combination and flavors for Sheeshas at any corner of the lounge you wish for.


Overall, it’s kind of vegetarian place that you would definitely want to revisit. 1Above, Kamala Mills at Lower Parel is worth a try!

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