Grover Zampa – Vineyards to Winery

Recently I was invited for a wine and dining event at Soma, Grand Hyatt by Grover Zampa. Grover Zampa is a 23 years old company, which has created mind- blowing range of wines, about 13 to be more specific and have won around 74 awards.

Impressive range of wold class Grover Zampa Wine

As the evening progressed, I was getting more and more interested to know more about the wines, its ranges, its kind, the grapes used, its process, all this was making me curious inspite of being a non-alcoholic person.

We as a group of friends started our evening with some wine and food. Never knew there was logic and science behind the food and the wine which goes with it.

We started the dinner with Amuse Bouche made from beetroot Gujjia with avocado Koshimbir, mirco greens, it was paired with Zamba Soiree Brut – the wine is Light and creamy, crisp acidic with a dry finish in classic brut style.

Amuse Bouche
Zampa Soiree

Next was NV Stuffed Chicken with Green Herb Sauce and Arugula Salad. The chicken was cooked to perfection with the amazing blend of taste paired with Vijay Amritraj Reserve Collection White wine. The wine was Rich and powerful with long persistence finishing on fruity notes.

Stuffed Chicken with Green Herb Sauce and Arugula Salad
Vijay Amritraj Reserve Collection White Wine

Next on the menu was pomegranate Popsicle with red wine foam, which was just amazing.

Pomegranate Popsicle

Lastly, in the food menu, we had Chargrilled Lamb Shank with wilted baby spinach covered with  Saffron Yakhani Sauce. It was served with Wild Rice, Onion Pilaf, it was paired with their award winning wine – La Réserve which has a powerful aroma of luscious ripe red and black fruits with an exquisite hint of spice.

Chargrilled Lamb Shank
Grover – La Reserve

Now for dessert we had Deconstructed Pistachio and Mango Saffron Bavarian, it was a perfect combination of color, sauce and taste, the plating has been just exceptional.

Deconstructed Pistachio and Mango Saffron Bavarian

Lastly, we ended our amazing dinner with Indian Petit Four, what we called is a combination of sweets and chocolates.

Indian Petit Four

Every wine has a unique aroma and palate that gets enhanced when had with the right cuisine and food item.

This 6 course meal, we enjoyed was a part of the special offering. However one can stay connected with Grover Zampa to know more about such amazing offers. (Links mentioned below)
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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P.S: The review about the taste of the wines are taken from my friends who were present at the event


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