Silky Crunch – Masterclass

When Mondelēz International announced the launch of the new product variant combining none other than my two personal favorite Cadbury Silk and Oreo, I was amazed. They have always been very creative and innovative with each of their offerings. I still remember I was travelling from work to home when I saw some huge hoardings of the new product – Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. All I wanted to do is taste #SilkWithACrunch and the very next day I got invited to their launch event, all I can say is wishes do get granted.

The event was all about creating some marvelous desserts using Silk Oreo and mentored by the Chef Michael Swamy at Flavour Diaries.

Chef Michael Swamy and Me

The first dessert that the Chef created was Peppered Strawberries & Chocolate

How to: Chop some Strawberries, Mix Chili Salt (Chili and rock salt crushed in a blender) Add Butter, add dried fruits and top it with Cadbury Silk Oreo and bake it for about 2-3 minutes and it’s ready to be served.

Peppered Strawberries & Chocolate

The second dessert of the day was Chocolate Salted Oreo Tart Recipe

How to: Crunch some Oreo cookies for the base. In a separate bowl, break Cadbury Silk and mix it with Ricotta Cheese and crunched Black Bulls Eye, spoon the mixture as a second layer in a glass. Garnish it with Mint leaves and Cadbury Silk.

Chocolate Salted Oreo Tart

Now moving on to some experiments that were created by the bloggers, present at the event. Dishes names are decided by me 😉

Crunchy Chocolate Pizza

How to: Take a Mini Pizza base, apply some Mascarpone cheese, spread it on the base, top it with dried fruits and garnish it with Cadbury Silk Oreo and its ready to be served, quick and simple. Isn’t it?

Crunchy Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Strawberry Burger

How to: Take the burger bread, cut it into halves. Chop about 2 Cadbury silk and spread it on the bread. In a bowl, chop strawberries, pour caramel, some cheese and cream. Mix it well and make another layer on top and yuhuuu, its ready!

Chocolate Strawberry Pizza

Next on the experimental table was Fruit Chocolate Salad

How to: Slice bread into small squares, squeezing the Orange juice on top of the bread, add pealed Orange pieces on top of it, add sliced strawberries and crunched Cadbury Silk Oreo along with some Caramel and it’s done.

Fruit Chocolate Salad

Last dessert of the day was Eaten Mess created by Riya and me

How to: Take Cadbury Silk Oreo, 2-3 Strawberries, 2-3 Oreo Cookies and crunch it all, add some Chili Salt, Crunched black Bulls Eye. Take the mixture on a plate, sprinkle Coco Powder on top and within minutes it’s ready.

Eaten Mess

All the creations were just appetizing, which one would you want to try? Tell me in the comment stream below.

Our experimenting section was followed by some product introduction by Prashant Peres, Director – Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelez India. He gave us lots of insights/Background etc. and during this session what grabbed my attention was his reply on what is special about the product.

Chef Michael Swamy, Prashant Peres and me

Prashant Peres said, “ What’s special about Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo is its unique product format with smooth, creamy, Silk on the outside and crunchy Oreo cookie & vanilla cream on the inside, which melt in your mouth to give you an indulgent yet crunchy Silk experience.

Priced at Rs. 75 and Rs. 170, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo is all set to give chocolate lovers a Silk experience full of crunch & indulgence!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Don’t forget to try the new Silk Oreo and let me know, how you felt the new Crunchy Silk in the comment stream below.

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  1. Prachi sawant says:

    Aftr reading ur above post…feelin like to explore this plce…itz damn temptin n delicious..n mst imp ur review skills are good 😘😗


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