38 Degree East – #PiteRaho

Powai just got a new jewel added! 38 Degree East located right opposite to the Powai lake, is the new location perfect to enjoy authentic Pan-Asian Cuisine prepared by world class chefs.

Mr. Aditya Poojary, the man behind this delightful avalanche of deliciousness is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and creativity in the Food & Beverage industry.


The place is perfect for any occasion; the ground floor is a little cozy, bona fide and the ideal place for fine dining with family.


Ongoing ahead, you enter the first floor, on the left you have a wide open bar which serve drink for as low as just Rs.99, no wonder you would see stewards roaming around with their back printed as “#PITERAHO Drinks @ Wholesale price”. Which surely is hilarious.


The bar is stocked with everything under the sun, and they have an amazing range of both cocktails and mocktails.


If you further climb the stairs, then you enter the open terrace lounge facing the Powai Lake, the place is relaxed, refreshing and romantic. The ambience is just perfect for a date.


Usually, the place has nice mocktails or cocktails, but rarely both, this is quite an exception in that sense, serving the best of the best cocktails and mocktails like


Tango Twist; It’s a mixed drink having a combination of Mango Puree, Strawberry crush, Pineapple juice, orange juice and vanilla ice cream all blended well. It’s dense, creamy and perfect to start the evening.

Tango Twist

Cranberry Delight; My personal favorite from the evening, the mocktail is a mix of cranberry juice, ginger ale, lime juice and some home-made spicy citrus lemonade served chilled with cracked ice and dry ice.

Cranberry Delight
Cranberry Delight

Torafuku; It’s a Japanese mocktail, having coconut fudge, banana, lychee and pineapple juice, it’s garnished with banana and cherry.


Berry Wine Popsicles; My friend just loved this cocktail. The mixed berry popsicles served in a glass of wine with berry flavored caviar.

Berry Wine Popsicles

After clicking around and seeing so much delectable food items, my hunger strike with a force. I started with some appetizers

Jhinga Pakoda; It was an Onion and Prawn mixed Pakoda made up of Bengal gram flour and deep fried till its crispy golden. It’s served with some spicy mint chutney.

Jhinga Pakoda

Wanton Nachos; My favorite, the wonton wraps are crispy fried, topped with beans, tomato sauce, Sichuan sauce. It’s garnished with cheese sauce and baked under a Salamander. It’s crispy, juicy, and cheesy with the perfect blend of taste and sauces.

Wanton Nachos

Taco Lime Grilled Chicken; Chicken is marinated in lime juice and Taco spices, grilled to perfection. The appetizer is served hot with a Sichuan style Tomato Pepper Salsa.  This was one of the highlight of our table.

Taco Lime Grilled Chicken

Pulled Barbeque Lamb Burger; The plating is quite nice, like a box of surprise coming your way to be opened. It’s served with generous amount of French fries.

Pulled Barbeque Lamb Burger

Prawn Wanton Cups; Crispy fried wanton cups are filled with hot spicy sauce, creamed cheese and chilly garlic prawns which are pan fried.

Prawn Wanton Cups

Veg Singapore Spindles; Thin crispy fried noodles is stuffed with fresh cotton cheese and served in the cutting tea glasses with the base of sweet and spicy sauce.

Veg Singapore Spindles

Coming down to the main course curated from all across Asia, sumptuous and the aroma to die for!

7 Jewel Rice; The Chinese cuisine, having a base of fried rice topped with exotic vegetables authentically cooked in oyster sauce.

7 Jewel Rice

Subzi Miloni; One of the few Indian vegetarian dishes I liked. Assorted vegetables are cooked in rich Tomato and onion gravy with a perfect blend of herbs and spices. It’s a little spicy, so should be paired with rice or garlic naan.

Subzi Miloni
Garlic Naan

Green Thai Curry, From Thailand; Assorted vegetables and pieces of chicken cooked in the famous green paste with coconut milk, herb and spices. To get a feel of its actual taste accompany it with steam rice.

Green Thai Curry

With very little space left to try the desserts, Fruit Filled Baked Wontons with vodka shots can automatically make for some space. My friends were quite ready to finish off the shot, before even trying the wonton 😉

Fruit Filled Baked Wontons

Pisang Goreng;Crispy banana flitters form the base which was topped with honey and vanilla Ice Cream, was quite toothsome.

Pisang Goreng

38 Degree East has cuisine from across Asia ranging from India, China, Tiber, Burma, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong all under one roof. These dishes are created using the original methods of Pan-Asian cuisine.

38 Degree East is the perfect venue to comfort your taste buds without having a kick on your pocket. Head towards this delectable delicacies from the eastern subcontinent and have a blissful experience. In all sense 38 Degree East is a complete wholesale bar and Pan-Asian house which will open for public on the International Women’s Day, 8th March, 2017.

Visit To Get To Know 38 Degree East And Yourself, Better.

For reservation or details:
38 Degree East, Panchkutir,
Powarwardi, Adhishankracharya Marg,
Opposite Powai Lake, JVLR,
Next to VV Motors, Powai, Mumbai
Call: 022 65650153/54

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