New Place Alert – Nerve

Life is all about ups and downs, happiness and sadness. In these varied life conditions all we want is to keep our excitement and keep having some Nerve taking experiences.


To experience the same I visited the newly opened lounge; Nerve, located right opposite Globus on the Hill road about 750 meters from the Bandra station.


The new opened lounge has something for everyone, the 3 storey huge space has a Lounge on the first floor to keep you going and give you a great experience with a fully stocked bar.

IMG_20170427_194824 IMG_20170427_193524

On the next floor you have banquet A and B, each suitable to host any corporate or personal events like, birthday, conference, party, etc. Banquet A is sufficient to host 40-50 people at a time and Banquet B has space enough to accommodate about 20-30 people.


Next, you have a Rooftop, the best of the lot, according to me, they have a live TV perfect to watch the IPL, and soon they are starting with Sheesha and Live Barbeque to set the mood right.


The lounge and Banquet both have some amazing music going on with a Live DJ, they have Ladies night on Wednesdays, which gives great offers and discounts to women and play hardcore Bollywood songs on Wednesdays. They also have Bollywood nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday post 10 pm. The Music in general is a mix of everything from hip hop, Retro, soft rock, Bollywood, etc.

They also have Valet parking facilities, along with complimentary Wi-Fi  to let you enjoy without any disconnect.

Marlyline Treat

The following are the drinks I tried; Marlyline Treat; The mocktail has a combination of Strawberry, Mango and Pineapple and is thick, creamy and sweet, perfect for a starter.

Apple Virgin Mojito

Apple Virgin Mojito; It has Apple syrup, mint, lime syrup, served with Lemon slice, cherry and mint, perfect for a Mojito lover.

Now coming to Food, they serve the Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian cuisine to let you have what you prefer.

Mediterranean Grilled Salad

Mediterranean Grilled Salad; It’s served with Tomatoes on the sides and has fresh grilled vegetable garnishes with cheese

Egg Ratatouille Salad

Egg Ratatouille Salad; Boiled egg is garnished with coriander and cabbage with Mayonnaise.

Paneer Aly

Paneer Aly; The Cottage cheese is stuffed inside another layer of Cottage cheese and garnished with mint, capsicum and tempering seeds.

Chicken Makhmali Roll

Chicken Makhmali Roll; Boneless chicken stuffed with cheese and rolled to make the chicken Makhmali  roll served with Mango chutney and green chutney to give the spicy and tangy taste.

Subzi Methi Lasooni

Subzi Methi Lasooni; It’s a perfect main course for vegetarians or if you like veggies. It has assorted vegetables perfectly cooked in cashew based gravy and served with  fried Curry leaves

Oriental Chicken Leg

Oriental Chicken Leg; Chicken is Marinated  for atleast 6 hours and cooked in a combination of sauces, garnished with chilli garlic mayonnaise and served with salad on one end and cooked noodles on the other.

Polo Pesto

Polo Pesto; Chicken is cooked in pesto sauce and cheese and garnished with Olives and olive oil. The boneless chicken is marinated for at least 6 hours to give the perfect taste.

Walford Salad

Walford Salad; The Classic salad has chili garlic mayonnaise topping along with coriander and served with Orange slices and Purple Lettuce.

Visit ‘Nerve’ and definitely leave with an element of surprise as; ‘Nerve’ is all about ‘COME HIT YOUR NERVE, AND LEAVE TANTALIZED!

For more details or reservation;
Nerve, Opposite Globus,
Hill Road, Bandra West
Nerve address, Nerve location
Call: +91 9930008049
+91 9930008849


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