#USApplesTreat – A Fruit for all meal!

Apples can be enjoyed in many ways – eating a fresh whole apple, eating a sliced apple, some apples shine best when they are cooked as part of a new or traditional recipe – That’s exactly what we experienced in the 4 course sit down meal prepared using Apple as the main ingredients, which shows that Apple is not just for Breakfast or used as a filler between meals but can be used for a complete meal.

Apples and Cinnamon Sparkler

We started with Mocktail made out of US Apple, Apples and Cinnamon Sparkler: Fresh red apple juice is served with chunks of Apple, topped with spirit. A perfect drink to have after a tiring day.

Curried Carrot and Apple Soup

Curried Carrot and Apple Soup: A perfect blend of Apple Juice and Carrot Juice is prepared together and garnished with curried leaves and pistachio,  topped with black bread sticks. The soup was flavorful and healthy, a great option to include in our meals.

Poached Apple Salad

Poached Apple Salad: Poached Apple is done with apple reduction and served with curly lettuce and rocket salad leaves with Goat Cheese and Hazelnut. The Salad is healthy, tasty with a perfect blend of flavors. Something that is quite easy to try to home too.


Chicken Roulade with Apple Jus

Chicken Roulade with Apple Jus: Chicken roulade is stuffed with mushroom, forestiere and Gruyere cheese. The Chicken is perfectly chicken and served on a bed of Peronata and Apple Jus. It’s my personal favorite from the evening.

Apple Cheese Cake

Apple Cheese Cake: Cheese Cake flavored with red Apple, had a little crunchy base then cheesecake topped with Apple slices and topped with berries and is served with burnt butter ice cream on one side and Apple pieces on the other.

Apple Baklava

Apple Baklava: The baklava covering was more like a khari, made from flour and was crunchy, it’s stuffed with dry fruits and apple and served with home-made vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was just yummy. A simple twist to the Baklava with apples definitely made is on a more nutrients side.

Apple growers in the USAEC states take pride in growing some of the most delicious apples in the world. The 4-course meal definitely showed us many ways in which a fresh Apple can be used, after all an Apple a day keeps a doctor away so not use the fruit in a more innovative and tasty form?


Do let us know what are you making tonight using the fresh red US apples?



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