Attra’s Holidays & Camping Farms

Be Close to Nature, something that we all are slowly and gradually loosing on. We are getting so disconnected with the nature and natural things. Life and people are all becoming materialistic. Let’s take a step backward from this unending race that we all are becoming a part of an escape from the mundane busy life and get close to nature. That’s exactly what I did on my recent visit to Attra’s holiday and camping farm, located at Karjat just about 4 Kms away from ND Studio.

Bungalow 1

The 12 acres huge Farm overlooks the Morbe dam on one side and on the other side it has a picturesque valley view. The location is at its best as it is at the foothills of Matheran and full of greenery.

Bungalow 2

The farm has multiple Bungalows, each Bungalow huge enough to accommodate 25-35 people. Each Bungalow has a living room.Kitchen and then bedrooms each having separate washrooms.

Living room
Bedroom at Attra
Balcony of Attra

Enjoy the picturesque view from the Balcony which sipping into your tea during this cool rainy weather.

Bungalow 3

When at the Farm, forget your phone for checking emails, messages and calls and get into the old school living. Relax, rejunevate and enjoy the games you had played in your childhood. There are a number of indoor games if you don’t like to step out like Carom, Table tennis, Chess etc.

I am more of an outdoor person so I tried my hands on Badminton, which I must have played after ages and it felt so good to be playing a real game and not the one we are used to playing on our smartphones, tabs and laptops.

Horse Riding at Attra


Next I tried my hands in learning the basics of Horse Riding, Attra’s Farm has two horses, one is 5 years old and the other is 3 years old. You can ride the horse, learn how to ride them yourselves, race with your friend or just enjoy sitting on a horse.

Rifle Shooting at Attra

To make our stay more competitive, we started with a Rifle Shooting Competition, it was interesting, fun and intense, for people who were able to score points 😉 They have two types of air riffles with different power level to suit male and female strength.

Pitch a Tent

Some people also started with gully cricket, hiking, walking around the greenery, pitching a tent. It has something for everyone.

campfire at Attra

We then started with some campfire along with food prepared in a very homely way by the locals. The veg food items do stand out from the non veg, though that rarely happens with me 😉

The place is ideal for Over-night picnics, Parties, Get-together’s, Outdoor Workshop, Office trips for people who like outdoor adventures or simply looking for some relaxation.

For more details, booking or costings:
Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farm,
BorgaonWawarle Road,
off. KarjatChowk Road,
Raigad, Karjat,
Maharashtra 410201
Call: 022 4295 9441

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